Piloting and control

Data Control Center

Central management

At the heart of the solution, the global administration tool allows the management and control of the activity of all sales channels.

This web backoffice allows the complete management of all data in a simple, intuitive and centralized.

It is designed for brands with a single site or multiple points of sale.

It supports the growth of companies by offering a range of operational features.

Modify products,adapt the stocks and availabilities of the products,launch promotions,create discounts, configure customer loyalty, generate discount coupons,View statisticsManage your franchises

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The functionalities of the administration tool

Central catalog and local management

Multi price and VAT breakdown

Management of promotions, coupons and discounts

Inventory management

Accounts receivable management

Management of deliveries

Loyalty management

Configuration of promotional media

Real-time reporting and analysis

Franchise management

Management of broadcasting on TV screens

Rights management

A powerful activity monitoring tool

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Data Analytics & Reporting

Data and analytics oriented for a better business performance, Elastic Search software bricks are integrated for a fine control and management. The backoffice tool offers an analysis dashboard with access to various activity and performance reports. Examples of reports: → Live sales reporting - by point of sale and globally → Margin visualization → Best sales report by time slot → Sales breakdown by product

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