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Adipos propose de multiples fonctionnalités pour répondre à vos besoins

The functional roadmap of the project is constantly fulfilled, the solution is constantly evolving.

Nous sommes en permanence à l’écoute de vos besoins pour vous apporter une réponse fonctionnelle.

Discover our features below

Management of Cashier Sales
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Opening a cash register 
  • Management of a cash fund
  • Control by hand-held scan or in classic touch mode
  • Management of multiple sales methods 
  • Delivery order management
  • Management of tickets and notes 
  • Order awaiting payment, with recovery
  • Order taking in "Remote control" mode
  • Multiple mode de paiement – Avoirs – Titres Restaurant – TPE – Espèces – par Monnayeur
  • Billing sharing (by article / person / percentage / etc.)
  • Possibility to cancel an order with justification
  • Sales statistics of a cash register 
  • Consolidation of sales at a point of sale (sum of all cash registers for the day)
  • Manual or Automatic daily cash closing with registration NF525
  • Printing the daily closing ticket
  • Receipt of digital orders (Web, App, Kiosk) at checkout 
  • Duplicate receipt
  • Multiple profiles with different roles and permissions
Site / App / Terminal management
  • Dedicated control terminal (iOS and Android)
  • Dedicated ordering application (iOS and Android) and eCommerce site 
  • Multilingual
  • Distribution of the menu on App, web and Kiosk depending on the cash register
  • Receipt of orders directly at the cash register 
  • Delivery or Click & Collect order option
  • Direct online payment
  • Integration and differentiation in the establishment's sales statistics
Client management
  • Creation of customer accounts by email - Facebook, Google or Apple ID
  • Assigning an order to a customer
  • Management of several delivery addresses to a customer
  • Order History
  • Possibility to link a checkout order to a customer
  • Allocation and use of Coupons 
  • Loyalty program 
  • Use of loyalty points
  • Order tracking notification
Product and Inventory Management
  • Display of product prices according to sales method and stock
  • Display of product information (composition, characteristic allergens, etc.)
  • Management of Menus and supplements with automatic menu recognition
  • Promotions management
  • Management of discounts with or without permission
  • Customer Coupons Management
  • Management of anonymous coupons
  • Product configuration by Brand and by Establishment
  • Product configuration according to type - by size, with or without ingredients, price according to ingredients, cooking method, box composition, place of purchase, etc.
  • Price and VAT configuration according to multiple criteria
  • Management of real stocks of products by establishment
  • Management of stock-outs at the cash register and distribution to App and Kiosk supports
  • Availability of products in delivery
  • Selection of the product distribution support - Cash register, APP / Site, Order terminal
  • Gestion des quotas de commandes par tranche horaire et par produit
Management and Preparation of Orders
  • Sending orders in preparation for collection
  • Sending the products of an order to the kitchen poles
  • Kitchen preparation screen (Each order indicates the time of the order, the number, the number of products and the detail of each product with its quantity)
  • Possibility in the kitchen to notify when the dish is ready
  • Management of the "following" products in the kitchen
  • Order ready notification
Multiple Parameter
  • Configuring printers 
  • Cash drawer configuration
  • Configuration of authorized payment methods - Credit, Cash, Checks, TPE, TR, others and methods of rendering the balance of each payment method
  • Coin mechanism Cash Infinity
  • Configuration of the validity period of the credit note
  • Tax Archive according to Standard NF525
  • Configuration of the data to be displayed on the receipt
  • Configuration of delivery costs by city and by Establishment 
  • Association with Cash Printer with no-print option
  • Association with Cash Printer with no-print option
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