Dynamic display on screens

Digitize your communication using screens

Communicating through a screen allows you to get easily attention passers-by and generate interest in your store.

This means of communication allows you to transmit in the most visual way possible the informations that customers need to make a purchase.

Point of sale digital signage has many advantages such as:

  • capture the attention of customers,
  • generate traffic,
  • to increase the sales,
  • promote new products,
  • highlight promotions,
  • reduce the feeling of waiting at the checkout,
  • inform customers,
  • entertain them,
  • retain them.
affichage écran ADIPOS
brique logicielle ADIPOS

Management and configuration

The global administration tool provides a functional brick available on option for the instantaneous management of each of your screens and broadcast channels.

Present your products in a neat way

This tool is based on the existing database of the cash register ecosystem and enriches it. This software brick for content creation, distribution and supervision allows to : - broadcast content on screens, - manage your content media library, - plan the broadcast of your sequences.  We offer you a leasing of screens in sizes adapted to your store.

Wireless connection

The software brick connects to screens equipped with wifi, a wired or 3G connection to update your content remotely.

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